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I took out a loan for $300.I agreed to an interest payment of $105.

I agreed to pay in full $405. They only took out the $105. I called to explain that they were to take out the $405 which means they only should have taken out $300. more since they already took the interest fee.

Instead they took $375. They chose to take an additional $75 and called it a VIP rate for being a returning cudtomer.

Believe me I will never be a returning customer.They caharged me a total of $180 interest out of one paycheck.


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I'm going going to talk down to those who had issue.But it is called a payday loan.

You should only take out as much as you can reasonably pay off on the next payday. I needed 400 for a car repair so I would lose my job. I called (don't use website) 3 days before payday and told them to take the entire 505.

The trap, like with regular credit cards is paying the minimum.It's expensive but it beats losing a job.


They are not licensed in most States

Salmon Creek, Washington, United States #913153

*** castle payday these *** Indians are worse than the casinos. Follow American rules ***! Do not associate yourself with low life *** Indian lenders.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #893010

You guys are hilarious - I am not and have never been affiliated with this company, but have used their services twice.Once I took out 1500 to fix a car IDs and once 200 to cover an unexpected bill, both times were handled in a perfectly reasonable manner.

I advised how to handle the payment (both times paying in full) three days before the loan was due as required by the agreement, never had problems with unexpected amounts coming out, etc.

If you don't do what they tell you and you don't know what you're getting into when you sign up, that's all on you.No point in blaming a company because you weren't intelligent enough to ensure you understood what you were agreeing to before you agreed to it.

Gresham, Oregon, United States #807364

this is the email I sent to Castle Payday.Anyone interested in joining my quest, let me know!

Before I continue with my complaint at the Better Business Bureau, I would like to have the proposed payment plan documented.

I am MORE than willing to pay the remaining $60 left on my agreed upon balance of $340. I refuse to accept that you people "didn't know" that the $140 I have been paying every month was to go towards repayment of the $340. Further, if you continue to insist that I owe you more than $340, three things will occur:

1. You will not receive another dime from me


I will take this to the highest authority as MANY times as I have to, I will take as LONG as I have to, I will do WHATEVER it takes to see that your seedy business practices are outlawed (if they are not already) and your seedy business is SHUT DOWN. I know that the federal government is already investigating companies like yours.


I will see that every dime you have successfully scammed from EVERY hard-working American is reimbursed.I have nothing else to do, and am happy to spend the rest of my life dedicated to this purpose.


Richardson, Texas, United States #805400

I would say that each and Everyone of you all have apparently lost your mind's.Any dam fool know's these people are going to stick it to you once you sign the contract.How dumb can one get.Then you all want to cry about the matter after you spend the money.Paying it back is a mother------ isn't it."Everyting that Glitter's is not Gold ok.Pay up and Shut up.

to Anonymous Lawton, Oklahoma, United States #848599

If you have ever tried to read one of those legal documents from a lone company, it's rather like trying to assemble an electronic device within an instruction book printed in Taiwanese.Often times it is so tedious and ambiguous we check off the document without reading it.

Although we know that we're going to be charged an exorbitant fee, there should still be some limitations and stipulations that the average person could understand, before committing to their agreement. Before we make a commitment of any kind, we need to examine the consequences of our actions, and the reliability and accountability of those who we are dealing with. Hence, we need to research their backgrounds on the Internet to find out how reliable they really are. Because it's "buyer beware" when you're dealing with fast cash companies.

Note: don't trust the legitimacy of anything on the Internet.A friend...


Anyone ever hear of an INDIAN GIVER?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #760396

I told the bank they were a scam, so the bank put a stop on any withdraws from them.What happens if I don't pay?

They are not governed by the laws of my state, they cant sue me...I'm sure they will report me to credit bureau, but so what?

to Dontpayem Gresham, Oregon, United States #805372

Once they put it in collections, was the collections agency still able to automatically withdraw from your account? I put a stop pay on castlepayday, and I'm wondering if I need to close my account that I've had for over ten years. I filed a complaint with the FTC and the BBB, also.

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